The Opportunity Project Design Teams

From February to June 2018, The Opportunity Project staff convened the following design teams to develop our strategic direction for each of our five key strands of work. Read our 18-month plan…and learn more about the work of each design team below:

Expanding Learning

Social & Emotional Well-Being Design Team

Social & emotional well-being include essential life skills that promote wholeness, positive mental health and success in life. This team focuses on promoting the development of social and emotional skills in young people to enable them to best overcome difficulties, learn how to manage feelings, establish healthy relationships and solve problems.

Co Chairs:
Stephanie Andrews, Tulsa Public Schools
Jessica Goodman, YMCA of Greater Tulsa
Dr. Ebony Johnson, Tulsa Public Schools
Christina da Silva, City of Tulsa

Design Team Members:
Marcia Bruno-Todd, Leadership Tulsa
Lynnsey Childress, Discovery Lab – Children’s Museum
Eugenia Chow, Hunger Free Oklahoma
Bryce Davis, The Metropolitan Environmental Trust
Consuela Franklin, Tulsa Public Schools
Robyn Hayley, Family & Children’s Services
Bobbie Henderson, Community Volunteer
Bridget Parra, Tulsa Health Department
Jennifer Santangelo, Tulsa Public Schools
Jessica Smith, Impact Tulsa
Michelle Todd, Tulsa Health Department
Tyler White, Youth at Heart

The Opp Staff Lead:
Jahaziel Hiriart,, 918.895.6344 x104

Experiential Learning Design Team

To increase the quality and quantity of experiential learning in Tulsa, the team will focus on building the capacity of existing experiential learning programs by finding alignment and common practices.

Co Chairs:
Xan Black, Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance
Todd Cunningham, Arts Alliance Tulsa
Debbie Medley, Tulsa Public Schools

Design Team Members:
Ashley Barnett, Tulsa Health Department
Lynnsey Childress, Tulsa Children’s Museum Discovery Lab
Symon Hajjar, Global Gardens
Suzi Marcum, Parks and Recreation Dept.
Richard Mitchell, XPO Game Festival
Devin Schroeder, Hunger Free Oklahoma
Rachel Stephens, YMCA of Greater Tulsa
Michael Witham, ImpactTulsa
Mike Wozniak, Bike Club

The Opp Staff Lead:
Amy Anderson,, 918.895.6344 x105

Career Linkages Design Team

Career linkages incorporate a range of intentional learning experiences, grounded in real-world applications, which prepare young people for success during and beyond their K-12 education. These opportunities to foster the awareness, knowledge, and skills needed to navigate the next steps on a young person’s path toward their profession.

Stephanie Cameron, AAON/OK2GROW
Brooke Myers, Together Tulsa
Joy Stokes, Tulsa Public Schools

Design Team Members:
Rocky Bright, Tulsa Technology Center
Pat Green, Tulsa Community College
Danielle Hovenga, University of Tulsa
Sarah Palmer, City of Tulsa
Alex Paschal, ImpactTulsa
Kuma Roberts, Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce
Andrew Spector, Tulsa Changemakers
Cherie Stierwalt, Workforce Tulsa
Leah Weyand, Tulsa City-County Library

The Opp Staff Lead:
Amy Anderson,, 918.895.6344 x105

Continuous Quality Improvement

Data and Impact Design Team

As a critical component of an integrated expanded learning network, the team is working to identify and implement a centralized data system, working to align the school day with out of school time.  The team will also develop data standards to help provide accuracy and consistency in data collection, storage, and usage.

Marci Joha, City of Tulsa
Jim Provenzano, Tulsa Public Schools
Kathy Seibold, ImpactTulsa

Design Team Members:
Paulina Baeza, INCOG
Wilmon Brown, Growing Together
Lynnsey Childress, Tulsa Children’s Museum Discovery Lab
Mark Dalton, Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance
Michael DuPont, Schusterman
Delia Kimbrel, Impact Tulsa
Vicki Lentz-Wagoner, Tulsa Health Department
Jonathan McIlroy, Tulsa Public Schools
Zach Osman, Tulsa Public Schools
Melanie Poulter, Community Service Council
Courtney Selking, Tulsa Public Schools
Josh Walton, Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance
Suanne Wymer, Tulsa City-County Library

The Opp Staff Leads:
Paige Kennedy,, 918.895.6344 x103
Jahaziel Hiriart,, 918.895.6344 x104

Professional Learning Design Team

This team works to create a collaborative professional learning network where both educators and youth workers can use a common language, learn best practices and further develop skills. The network will increase the quantity and quality of professional learning opportunities, ultimately increasing the quality of expanded learning in Tulsa.

Maryann Donahue, Global Gardens
Marquetta Finley, Youth at Heart
Erin Velez, Community Service Council

Design Team Members:
Mary Alice Ahlgren, Community Volunteer
Jean Carpenter-Williams, National Resource Center for Youth Services
Heather Duvall, Tulsa Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
Steve Hahn, Anti-Bullying Collaboration
Floyd Hinman, Challenge Quest
Debbie Medley, Tulsa Public Schools
Nate Morris, Tulsa Public Schools
Andrea Stacy, ImpactTulsa
Mike Thomas, YMCA of Greater Tulsa
Cicely Wilson, YMCA of Greater Tulsa

The Opp Staff Leads:
Paige Kennedy, x103

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Anna America – Director of Parks & Recreation, City of Tulsa

Nick Doctor – Chief of Community Development & Policy, Mayor’s Office

Bobbie Henderson – Volunteer & Retired Executive Director, Camp Fire

Dr. Ebony Johnson – Exec. Director of Student & Family Support Services, Tulsa Public Schools

Holly Raley – Program Officer, Tulsa Community Foundation

Paula Shannon – Deputy Superintendent, Tulsa Public Schools

Ben Stewart – Program Officer, George Kaiser Family Foundation