Manager, Partner Engagement​

Molly McDonald

Molly McDonald serves as the Coordinator of Experiential Learning at The Opp. She engages community members, teachers and Tulsa Public School Sites to create high quality afterschool opportunities to middle-school aged youth through the AfterOpp program. Molly encourages and equips learning partners to creatively share their passions with youth through hands-on activities during out of school time. She collaborates with learning partners and school staff to ensure that youth in Tulsa have opportunities to discover their passions, explore their interests and build meaningful relationships with adults and peers.

Molly moved to Tulsa in 2013 to attend Victory Bible College where she completed a two year certification in International Missions. She then attended Oral Roberts University to attain a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

For years Molly has consistently invested in the youth of Tulsa. During her time at Victory Bible College, she led middle school and high school youth on mission trips to Nicaragua and Jamaica educating them about the importance of cultural sensitivity and empowering them to serve those living in impoverished communities both locally and internationally. In addition, for three years Molly volunteered as a mentor for middle school and high school young women facilitating faith-based conversation and creating a culture of togetherness.

Molly’s passion for social service, community outreach, and humanitarianism continue to fuel her work with the youth of Tulsa today.