What is Social & Emotional Well-Being?

Youth need an array of tools and skills—such as managing emotions, taking responsibility, making positive decisions—to help them achieve at work, at home and in life. At The Opportunity Project, we are collaboratively preparing adults to embed these skills in learning experiences in an integrated way across schools, community and homes. These will inspire and equip youth to succeed now and in the future, helping to create a Tulsa with more hospitable communities, economically successful neighborhoods, healthy families, and productive and engaged citizens.

Social and emotional well-being – sometimes called social and emotional learning or SEL – is key to maximizing the personal potential of young people, including creating attachments, motivation to learn and the reduction of risky behaviors.

SEL leads to improved academic outcomes, especially in math and reading.

Improved SEL skills are a major benefit in preparing young people for the workforce.

SEL promotes engagement and connection in the community and civic life.

CASEL, the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, our partner in evidence-based social and emotional learning integration for all ages.

Research links children’s social and emotional learning—sometimes called non-cognitive skills, inter-/intrapersonal skills, soft skills or character development—to success later in life.

Getting a headstart: Having higher social-emotional skills in kindergarten is related to important outcomes at age 25 (Jones, Greenberg, & Crowley, 2015).

Developing a culture of respect increases student engagement

What is SEL?

Youth need Social and Emotional skills to be successful in school, at home, and eventually when they move on to careers or college. The process of developing these skills takes many different forms, and is commonly understood to focus on five key areas:

  1. self-awareness
  2. self-management
  3. social awareness
  4. relationship skills
  5. responsible decision-making


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