Expanded Learning

Why expanded learning matters.

Why Expanded Learning Matters

Imagine never having visited a museum or attended a play, moving from community to community, school to school, and not having consistent, caring adults in your life. For some youth, the everyday enrichment many young people take for granted does not exist. These narrowed horizons means youth in marginalized communities have significantly fewer learning experiences than their more affluent peers.

This is where The Opportunity Project comes in, to raise awareness, improve quality, and increase access to high-quality expanded learning programs for youth, particularly those from vulnerable communities.

The Opportunity Project recognizes that learning doesn’t stop when the school day ends, or when summer break begins. Out-of-school time programs provide the time, space, and enriching environment that students need to develop critical skills, make meaningful connections, and discover their passions.

In order to spark a passion for knowledge and discovery, young people need real-world, hands-on, cognitive learning, that engages and motivates them in a way that is meaningful to them. Through these experiences, known as expanded learning opportunities, young people not only achieve gains in school, but also develop skills like problem-solving, critical-thinking, and practice building positive relationships – exactly the skills they need to become successful as students, productive citizens, employees and human beings.

Together, we can make meaningful, measurable change in the lives of young people!


Learning and enrichment experiences impact achievement gaps just as much as in-school learning.


Regular participation in out-of-school time programs lead to youth success in school and in life.


Expanded Learning supports school retention, graduation and college and career readiness.


Summer programs prevent learning loss over the break, improving student performance.


Navigating youth is tough. Finding your way, developing an identity, and making sense of the world around you is even more challenging in the midst of a global pandemic and the isolation of quarantine. These four Tulsans are committed to sharing their stories with young people. Collectively, they serve as an example of how discovering your passion, and finding trusted adults along the way, can be the difference maker for vulnerable young people.

Find out more about how you can connect with learning beyond the classroom, volunteer your time, or offer friendship, guidance, and encouragement to a young person.