Network Director, Oklahoma Partnership for Expanded Learning (OPEL)

Jahaziel Hiriart​

Jahaziel “Jazi” Hiriart serves as the Network Director of the Oklahoma Partnership for Expanded Learning at The Opp. She is responsible for expanding the impact of social and emotional learning as a citywide initiative. Jazi coordinates SEL efforts, connects related initiatives, and leads the design process while working closely with key partners, school and OST staff and researchers.

Jazi was born and raised in Mexico. She lived in Texas before moving to Oklahoma six years ago to pursue a master’s degree in International Business at OSU. Passionate about community transformation and human capital development, she has experience working with young professionals and early childhood organizations. She is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in educational leadership at ORU.

Jazi is highly involved in the Tulsa community. She serves as a board member for Tulsa Global Alliance, Tulsa Honor Academy, and TYPros Community Foundation. She enjoys volunteering to help organize annual events such as Festival de las Americas, Tulsa Pride, and Dia de los Muertos Festival. She is also the director of Tulsa Touch, an all-ladies salsa dance team that is part of the worldwide Island Touch Dance Academy.