The Latino Teacher-Student Divide: 5 Steps to Close the Gap

Latino students are the largest ethnic group in U.S. public schools, representing 25 percent of the overall population.

Yet, Latinos make up only 9 percent of the nation’s teaching corps.

While demographic gaps exist between all nonwhite student populations and teachers, the gap for Latinos is the largest, a new report from New America’s Education Policy Program shows.

Despite the fact the number of K-12 Latino teachers has more than quadrupled over the last three decades, the growth has not kept pace with the rise in student population.

The report, Paving the Way for Latinx Teachers: Recruitment and Preparation to Promote Educator Diversity, identifies the “academic, financial, and sociocultural” barriers that Latino students face along the pathway into teaching and proposes solutions to funnel more Latinos into the profession.

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