Preventing Summer Setbacks

Kids dream of the carefree fun thoughts of summer promise. Your family may normally take on new extracurriculars, hang out at the pool, or take a trip to visit family out of state. We know Tulsa families are getting creative with summer plans this year, just like last year.

We also know the chances of summer leading to a setback in education, especially on the heels of an unprecedented virtual school year, are high. Just because school is not in session doesn’t mean your child has to stop learning thanks to so many incredible organizations providing education-based summer programs!

There are several ways parents can prevent the “summer setback”. Check out Tulsa City of Learning to enroll your child in a fun, hands-on summer program. What would your child like to explore if they had more time during the school year? Coding? Music? Gardening? Biking? There are several programs available to keep your child engaged during the summertime.

Keeping up with reading during the summer months is also crucial to preventing the summer slide. The Opportunity Project has partnered with Gaining Ground to prevent summer reading loss for students living in economically disadvantaged areas by providing weekly access to a large volume of books, providing high interest and student selected books, increasing parental involvement and engaging students in reading activities throughout the summer months. A significant marker for educational success occurs when most children are only 8-9 years old. How well a child reads at the end of third grade can affect the rest of their education.

If your student is going to spend a lot of time at home over the break, there are several activities you can use to encourage every day learning. Involve your child in the kitchen, teach them to follow along with recipes and help you make yummy, nutritional meals for your family. You could plant a small vegetable garden in your yard, spouting the plants from seeds and using the produce in the meals you cook together. Or you could go on a staycation in your back yard camping out and identifying constellations in the night sky. Go for walks around the block or to a local park and take note of all the cool plants and creatures in your area. The opportunities are endless!