Director of Expanded Learning

Rita Long

Rita serves as the Director of Expanded Learning, creating a broad and robust community of learning that allows youth access to integrated expanded learning opportunities which fosters, recognizes, and measures learning anything, anywhere.


Rita served in public education for 32 as a teacher and curriculum resource instructor in Jenks Public Schools. She stepped into the roles of Assistant Principal and Principal at two Community Schools in Union Public Schools following her passion to equalize the playing field for all students through a comprehensive, four-pronged approach, providing layered supports for children and families: Expanded Learning Time, Collaborative Learning Practices, Family and Engagement Practices, and Integrated Student Services.


Rita received her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Oklahoma State University and her master’s in Math and Science Education from the University of Tulsa.



Rita spends her free time reading, gardening, traveling, and spending time with her husband and three rescue pups. She is a board member and volunteer for Gaining Ground.