Program Specialist

Tayla Kelly

Tayla works with in-school time (IST) and out-of-school time (OST) teams on cultivating and sustaining an optimal climate and culture. This climate and culture also include the integration of social and emotional learning (SEL) with skill-building for programs.

Previously, Tayla was a Transition Coach with the Pre-Collegiate Development Program at the University of Colorado. In this role, she mentored high school students on their transition into college. Tayla also has a seven-year background in child development working with the Community Partnership for Child Development, Head Start.

Tayla received her Bachelor’s degree in Women’s and Ethnic Studies from the University of Colorado. She continues her education in this field through community involvement and literature focused on the advancements of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging.
Tayla’s involvement in community outreach is something dear to her heart as she has been included on sorority career panels, assisted in campaigns to support local artists, and volunteered with various nonprofits to include food distribution, domestic violence support, and resources/aid to displaced community members.

In her free time, Tayla enjoys reading, creative art expression, and scenic nature hikes.