The Opportunity Project Awards Funds to Local Organizations for K-12 Programming

Nearly every K-12 student in the United States has missed significant face-to-face classroom instruction due to COVID-19. Teachers have been scrambling to adapt their lesson plans for online learning and parents have been juggling work responsibilities alongside educating their children at home.

Students themselves are faced with mounting anxiety about this virus and their future, along with a longing to be reunited with their peers. Many educators and parents worry their children will return to in-person school with a lower achievement rate. To address these concerns, The Opportunity Project has partnered with numerous local organizations to get students back on track during the upcoming summer break.

The Tulsa Youth SummerOpp Program Fund (TYSPF) is designed in response to the need for intentional, high-quality, experiential and equitable learning opportunities for all Tulsa youth meant to build relationships, foster engagement, and increase social, emotional and academic youth outcomes and healing from the COVID-19 pandemic. As we navigate a changing landscape for young people and their families — and respond to and recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic — The Opportunity Project is so proud to support youth-serving organizations with resources for summer 2021 programming in Tulsa County. Programs range from one-on-one instrumental music instruction for aspiring high school musicians, learning Tulsa history through cycling, participating in advanced robotics sessions, attending overnight camp and so much more. Be on the lookout for our wide array of resources and summer programming designed to get our students back on track for the coming fall school year.

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