The Opportunity PROJECT

Connecting Youth to the World of Opportunity

The Opportunity Project supports youth-serving organizations to deliver high-quality programs, connects partners to youth and communities, and advocates for equitable OST experiences in Tulsa.

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ABOUT The Opportunity Project

The Opp’s vision is to ensure that every youth in Tulsa has equitable access to high-quality Out-of-School-Time (OST) and summer enrichment programs that are safe and engaging. Grounded in research that shows learning beyond the classroom improves student success and equips them to reach future goals, The Opportunity Project offers Tulsa’s youth development community the tools and expertise needed to lift up young people in marginalized communities and broaden access to hands-on learning opportunities.

What is an intermediary?

Developing powerful environments where youth can thrive requires coordination, critical backbone services, supports and continuous quality improvement.
As an intermediary organization, The Opportunity Project is the underpinning for a network of youth workers – from educators and program providers, to transportation services, municipal agencies and others – who are committed to helping students thrive both in and out of the classroom. The Opp connects our city’s array of programs, services and curriculum-based efforts to make Tulsa a model for youth success.
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Learning Happens Everywhere

Navigating youth is tough. Finding your way, developing an identity, and making sense of the world around you is even more challenging in the midst of a global pandemic and the isolation of quarantine. These four Tulsans are committed to sharing their stories with young people. Collectively, they serve as an example of how discovering your passion, and finding trusted adults along the way, can be the difference maker for vulnerable young people.
Find out more about how you can connect with learning beyond the classroom, volunteer your time, or offer friendship, guidance, and encouragement to a young person.